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At Stratum, we provide the building blocks for your distinctive masterpiece! We’re all about fostering creativity, and we’ve simplified the process of creating highly-personalized modern wood furniture designs tailored to your individual space. Begin with one of our foundational signature designs, and let your imagination run wild as you customize your furniture to your liking. Whether you prefer bold, unconventional shapes or subtle, refined elegance, the choice is entirely yours! If you’re seeking guidance, our designer and founder is eager to collaborate with you one-on-one, ensuring your functional art piece perfectly reflects your taste. Embark on your creative journey with Stratum today!

Interested in experiencing the look and feel of our materials? Click below to receive a complimentary material sample. At Stratum, we’re committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly Baltic Birch hardwood for all our designs. Don’t hesitate to inquire about color tints or veneers, allowing you to add an extra layer of personalization to your custom wood furniture, made locally in Switzerland.

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Meet Brian Overman

Stratum's lead designer, who passionately merges cutting-edge design with modern wood furniture. A California native, breathing new life into the Swiss furniture industry with a unique flair.

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I’m eager to connect with you and discuss all things furniture design! Schedule a 15-minute design consultation with me today to explore your options. Whether you’re intrigued by one of our signature products, interested in customizing a piece, or envisioning a completely unique collaboration, I’m here to assist and bring your ideas to life!

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