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Our Vision

Tasking ourselves with designing a better way to bring people ultra high-quality, beautiful and elegant custom furniture at an attainable price we created Stratum. 

Stratum’s unique designs are focused on creating furniture in a modern and sustainable way. Using our proprietary software we co-create with clients to design unique furniture blueprints that enable us to produce consistent and high-quality furniture. 

Our blueprints facilitate the manufacturing process that combines the efficiency and precision of high-tech machines plus a the indispensable manual touch to create beautifully finished  pieces of functional art.

We are a modern, sustainable, design first, technology driven furniture brand. We are here to provide you with ultra high-quality, locally made furniture at attainable prices.

Our Ethos

Inspired By Nature

Designed with nature in mind, our designs take the form of fluid natural shapes. The undulating curves and crisp lines are amplified by the striations of sustainably forested Baltic Birch.

Created By You

We provide the tools that enable you to become the artist of your own home. Create unique forms and specific sizes to fit any interior space using our intuitive software.


All of our products are made locally in Switzerland using sustainably grown Baltic Birch. The material we use informed all our designs from inception with sustainability in mind.

A Swiss company with a California soul, we're passionate about design, technology, and beautiful furniture. Let us know how we can help you!

Our Team

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    Brian Overman


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    Fiona Thwaites


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    Elisa Leu


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